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The NM Governor's Mansion Scholastic Screenwriting Contest was held

April 21, 2017

Awards were presented by the

Honorable Susana Martinez,

Governor of New Mexico

To view photos of the event,

Click the Star. 

Our new logo was designed by Adrian Standing-Elk Pinnecoose


"The concept behind the porch is to define space seen as interior and exterior. An extension of the mansion that is connected with the beautiful New Mexican landscape looking outward welcoming all visitors. I didn't want to create a closed space but a space that looks to nature, to connect us to a larger picture of political, social and ecological systems. The beautiful New Mexican skies are seen as dawn and dusk to symbolize the start and end to a new day, an endless cycle of life. The empty chair symbolizes equality for all who sit at the Governor's table. The four portals look to the four directions, seasons, and stages of life. Motifs of the Mansion are embellished throughout the design."

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